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sourdough bread philadelphia

About Us

Spelt Berry Bakery is a Philadelphia-based bakery that makes sourdough bread and baked goods from freshly-milled grains, sourced from local farms using organic and sustainable growing practices. We believe in producing and sharing food that is healthy for both people and the planet. Our bread is slowly fermented over 36 hours, making it easier to digest than quick-rising yeasted breads. Our signature sourdough loaf includes a combination of four different flours, including spelt!


Spelt is an ancient species of wheat that has a slightly higher nutritional content than mainstream varieties of wheat. Spelt berries – the whole grain version of spelt– have tough outer hulls which protect the grain but must be removed before milling, making it more challenging to process. However, spelt brings an incredible flavor to bread, which is why it is our favorite flour! This geographic region is also known for producing exceptional spelt.

Image by Evi Radauscher

Spelt Berry Bakery is owned and operated by Liane Sullivan, who started baking bread in 2013 and made her first sourdough loaf in 2016, while studying at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. Liane began selling bread to friends and neighbors as a part of the Bakers Against Racism fundraiser in 2020 and launched Spelt Berry Bakery in early 2022. Liane has a variety of professional experience in food production and food business and is also a food business consultant.

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